Solar & Storage Live 2023 - Inhenergy Starts a Smart Green Life in England


On October 17, the Solar & Storage Live 2023 opened grandly in Birmingham, England. As the most forward-looking and influential renewable energy exhibition in the UK, more than 400 companies in the industry gathered here. 



Inhenergy showed up at booth G18 in Hall 5 with its hybrid and grid-connected series inverters, showing its reliable and stable optical energy solutions to customers from all over the world. It attracted many customers at home and abroad to stop and learn more, and the scene was very popular.


Inhenergy independently develops and produces 3~25kW hybrid inverters and 3~80kW grid-connected inverters, which can be widely used in household PV power stations and industrial and commercial PV power stations, greatly improving energy utilization and starting a smart green life. 



Inhenergy's hybrid inverter is small in size and light in weight; it supports in-depth matching of multi-brand batteries; it supports generator interface and has seven modes including peak shaving and valley filling. It has G98, G99 and other product certifications to provide customers with strong quality assurance.



Inhenergy's grid-connected inverter has a compact internal structure; the conversion efficiency can reach up to 99%; it is compatible with 182/210 high-current photovoltaic modules; it has a remote real-time monitoring platform, making operation and maintenance more convenient.


According to data released by the UK Department of Energy Security and Net Zero Energy (DESNZ), as of July 2023, the UK's cumulative PV capacity reached 15292.8 MW. From January to July this year, the number of newly installed PV systems in the UK was 634.8 MW, a large increase from 315.5 MW in the same period last year.



During the exhibition, the business team enthusiastically discussed innovative products and solutions with customers and provided professional services. We span the world, establish connections with more partners, and seek development and win-win results. A new journey is about to begin, and we look forward to joining hands with colleagues in the industry during future global tours to build a zero-carbon future. Next stop, see you in Indonesia.



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