INHENERGY Showed Up at the 30th Enlit Europe


Enlit Europe 2022, has taken place successfully in Frankfurt, Germany,from 29 November to 1 December. Inhenergy, through excellent green energy products and advanced energy management solutions, has achieved complete success at the exhibition.



Enlit Europe 2022 is the largest and most professional exhibition and conference for the energy industry in Europe, covering the whole range of energy sectors such as power generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, new energy, storage and smart cities. 2022 is the 30th anniversary of the exhibition, which travels around Europe every year and is attended by key players from the key sectors of the power and energy industry and power companies from all over Europe. Enlit Europe is the only exhibition where you have the opportunity to do business with 18,000+ energy industry professionals, owners and other key buyers at the same time and in the same place, covering parts of Europe, America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. For suppliers of turnkey projects, power generation and transmission and distribution, solar and utility equipment to the energy industry, Enlit Europe will provide an excellent platform for trade and technical exchange.



Inhenergy is the leading brand of smart energy storage products for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Inhenergy has been developing innovative products to meet the needs of our customers and create a better future for all.

Inhenergy's product line consists of inverters that can be used to power homes as well as commercial and industry. We are constantly innovating new ways to make your life easier by helping you save money on your electricity bill and take advantage of renewable energy sources.

At Enlit Europe this year, Inhenergy successfully received recognition from many exhibitors and colleagues regarding our product quality and brand image. Going forward, Inhenergy will continue focusing on intelligent power generation solutions that help homeowners save money on their electricity bills while taking advantage of renewable energy sources.

Hybrid Inverter

The Inhenergy Hybrid inverter is an all-in-one design, small in size, light in weight and extremely easy to install and use. It is also designed with Wi-Fi/GPRS, app monitoring and web control capabilities.

The Inhenergy energy storage inverter can be used for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functions with less than 10 ms power switching technology. This means that it is able to provide continuous power supply in the home or on a commercial scale. The inverter has IP65 protection, natural cooling and long service life of the inverter. The compact and elegant design that fits perfectly into modern homes makes it ideal for residential applications.


At Enlit Europe, Inhenergy succeeded in gaining recognition for our products and brand from the European market and from many exhibitors and peers. In the future, Inhenergy will continue to focus on smart products and power solutions for global electricity customers.


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