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  • Warranty Disclaimer

    In the following cases, the product's problems are not covered by the INHENERGY warranty: 

    1) Products without INHENERGY logo; 

    2) Products failure or damage caused by the use of non-standard or non-company accessories or  software; 

    3) The product or component has exceeded the INHENERGY's warranty period (except for the  extended warranty service signed by both parties); 

    4) Failure or damage caused by installation, repair, modification or disassembly by not the  INHENERGY's after-sales service personnel or the INHENERGY's designated service organization,  except for the case of a third-party after-sales service organization entrusted by the INHENERGY. 

    5) Any operation beyond the scope of installation and use specified in the relevant international  standards, operations that do not comply with the INHENERGY’s product manuals and related  installation and maintenance documents, working environments other than the product’s specified  working environment, or faults or damages caused by incorrect installation, storage and use (such  as installation The ambient temperature is too high, too low, too humid or dry, the altitude is too  high, the voltage or current is unstable, etc.). 

    6) Stolen equipment; 

    7) Failure or damage caused by force majeure;

    8) Damage caused during transportation (including scratches, abrasion, etc. of the casing caused  by the movement of the packaged product during transportation); 

    9) Other failures or damages are not caused by the quality of INHENERGY products (including  related parts).

    ★In the above situation, if the customer requests repair service for the faulty product, after the judgment of the INHENERGY's relevant service organization, the paid repair service can be  provided.

  • How to File a Claim?

    INHENERGY will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the controlling warranty statement. To request warranty service, you will need to provide: 

    • The sales receipt or other evidence of the date and place of purchase

    • The serial number and model number of this product 

    • A description of the problem

  • What our Warranty Does Not Cover?

    Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by: 

    1) Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship. 

    2) Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from improper installation, commissioning or maintenance, misuse, insufficient ventilation, failure to observe the applicable safety regulations. 

    3) Force majeure, e.g. lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire, flood. Our limited warranties are void if the product is returned with removed, damaged or tampered labels or any alterations(including removal of any components or external cover.

  • How Long Does the Coverage Last?

    Our warranty periods are 5 years from the documented date of purchase, depending on the type of product and where it was purchased.

  • What is covered?

    INHENERGY warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship. INHENERGY will replace at no charge for parts only or replace any product or part of the product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation, use, service and maintenance.

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  • The inverter doesn’t work or the screen has no display?

    Check the following items:
    a. Whether the DC switch is in the ON position.
    b. Whether the PV positive and negative terminals are reversed.
    c. Whether the DC input voltage reaches the minimum starting voltage of the inverter.
    d. Whether the MC4 terminal of PV is connected properly.

  • Inverter shows low grid voltage and low grid frequency?

    When the inverter does not detect the voltage to the AC side or the detected voltage value is too low, the inverter reports a grid fault.

    a. Use a multimeter to check the voltage at the AC terminal of the inverter. If the voltage is 0, there may be a power outage or an external protection switch tripped causing the inverter to not detect the utility voltage.

    b. Incorrect AC circuit breaker selection. For example: the maximum output current of INHENERGY single-phase 5K inverter is 25A, the rated current of the circuit breaker should be 40A (25A*1.5=37.5A)

    c. Bad AC cable connection. Check the connection of all cables from the inverter AC output terminal to the grid connection point (including the inverter AC terminal, the AC cable in the grid box, and the meter cable), if there is a bad connection, rewire the cable; and use a multimeter to measure whether the inverter AC terminal voltage is normal.

    d. If the voltage of the local grid fluctuates greatly, expand the grid voltage range through the inverter setting menu.

  • The inverter shows that the grid voltage is too high?

    a. Check whether the actual grid voltage exceeds the maximum voltage range allowed for the inverter.

    b.Check whether the safety regulation setting of the inverter is reasonable.

    c. Check whether the cable specification between the inverter and the grid connection point is in accordance with the safety standard, and whether the cable is too thin, too long, or has poor contact, which increases the cable loss and causes the grid voltage detected by the inverter to be too high.

  • The inverter displays grid frequency abnormal?

    a.The frequency level of the inverter is not consistent with the local grid frequency level. The inverter frequency level can be changed through the inverter setting menu.
    b.The local grid frequency fluctuates greatly, you can expand the grid frequency range through the inverter setting menu.

  • Inverter shows ISO error?

    The inverter detects that the insulation resistance value of PV module to ground is too low. Need to check whether the PV cable is broken and so on. Use a multimeter to check whether the resistance value of PV string to ground or voltage to ground meets the requirement. If it does not meet the requirements, the corresponding cable needs to be fixed.

  • Inverter displays leakage current error?

    You need to check whether the AC side wiring is in compliance with the electrical standard; check whether the AC distribution box is in compliance with the construction standard; whether the surge protector is damaged or has leakage. If it does not meet the requirements after inspection, the problem point needs to be handled.

  • Inverter shows DC input voltage is too high?

    The inverter detects that the input voltage of PV module is too high. You need to use a multimeter to check whether the actual DC input voltage value exceeds the maximum DC input voltage allowed by the inverter. If the measured voltage exceeds the maximum allowed by the inverter, you need to reduce the number of PV modules connected in series.

WiFi Configuration And Accessories Class
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  • After receiving the product, I found that certain accessories were missing?

    After receiving the product, please check if there are any missing accessories according to the list of accessories in the user manual. If there are missing accessories, please contact the seller or INHENERGY local technical service center immediately.

  • How to configure Wi-Fi?

    Please follow the user manual that came with your WiFi collector to configure the internet connection; or visit the INHENERGY website to watch the collector configuration video; or contact your seller to get the appropriate configuration file or video. If you are unable to download the app, please contact your seller or INHENERGY's local technical service center for assistance.

  • The WiFi collector has been successfully configured, but the app does not display data?

    After the WiFi collector is successfully configured, the WiFi collector needs to be tied to the station before the data will be displayed. When the collector is added to the station for the first time, the first data will be uploaded to the monitoring system in about 10 minutes. If there is still no data displayed after 10 minutes, please contact your seller or INHENERGY local technical service center.



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