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Residential On-grid Inverters


  • 3~3.6kW
  • 1MPPT
  • Single Phase

Technical Parameters

This is one of the most small-scale household solar inverters. With this machine, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill. Small investment, big returns. Especially suitable for small householders.

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    OLED display, touch button design, simple operation

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    Maximum efficiency 97.6%, more power generation

  • gongsijieshaoyoushishuju6-85.png

    14A string current, suitable for high power modules

  • guangfuban.png

    130% DC configuration, 110% AC overload output

  • 65-772.png

    IP65 protection level, built-in SPD protection device

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    Intelligent remote monitoring

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    Support anti-backflow function

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    60V ultra-low operating voltage

  • AFCI.png

    Support AFCI function

Technical Data
Model NumberHI-3K-SLHI-3.6K-SL
Input Data

Max. DC input power3900W3900W
Max. DC input voltage500V500V
Operation voltage range60V-500V60V-500V
Number of independent MPPT / strings per MPPT1/11/1
MPPT max. current14A14A
AC Output Data

Rated output power3kW3.3kW
Max. output power3.3kW3.3kW
Rated output voltage230V/180V-280V230V/180V-280V
Rated output frequency50Hz,60Hz/±5Hz50Hz,60Hz/±5Hz
Rated output current13.1A14.5A
Max. output current14.5A14.5A
Power factor-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)
THDi<3%(Nominal Output)<3%(Nominal Output)
Grid system patternL+N+PEL+N+PE

Max. efficiency97.6%97.6%
Europe efficiency96.8%96.8%

Input DC switchYesYes
Input over current protectionYesYes
DC reverse polarity protectionYesYes
Output over voltage protectionYesYes
Output over current protectionYesYes
Anti islanding protectionYesYes
Insulation impedance protectionYesYes
RCD detectionYesYes
General Data

Dimensions(L/W/H)in mm265/148/ 310330/188/ 312
Operation temperature range-25℃~+60℃-25℃~+60℃
Heat dissipation modeNaturalNatural
IP ClassIP65IP65
Maximum altitude4000m4000m
Self-Consumption night<1w<1w

LCD displayYesYes
Communication interfaceWIFI/4G/GPRS/RS485(optional)WIFI/4G/GPRS/RS485(optional)
Warranty5 years (standard)5 years (standard)